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French Door Refurbishment

French Door Refurbishment

French door refurbishment is the perfect way of saving money as well as bringing features back to life in your Victorian property. Many London homes of any age will have a beautiful set of back doors at the rear of the property leading out to a small garden. The cost of replacing French Doors can be from £1200 all the way through to a hefty £5000 depending on how much joinery is required, how ornate, and the glazing options selected. That means refurbishing and making good can represent an incredible saving, as well as providing a more authentic finish than any new ones could ever do.

To get started with French door refurbishment we will need to remove the doors first. Once removed, this is an ideal opportunity to sand, plane, and prepare your doors for decoration at a later stage. Most will not strip the timber as it is far too much work for the extra aesthetics improvement, as well as the old paint, if bonded well it doing a job of keeping your joinery in excellent condition. Once preparation complete we must install a groove around the sash for the draught proofing system to be installed. Once grooved out we will install pile carrier and pile. This is exactly the same system as sash window draught proofing, however installed on a door instead. By sealing all the perimeters we can stop draughts and reduce noise, as well as make savings on our gas bill.

Refitting the French doors will be easy because the hinges are already cut out and the screws simply need replacing just as before. On the rare occasion the doors may need a little easing in because the house has moved and taken the frame with it, whilst the French doors stay square and this creates gaps that we must contend with. Normally professional French door refurbishment specialists will shoot doors tight to the head of the frame leaving a neat finish to the eye. Then on the lower of the door install a surface mounted weather bar to take up any gap under to stop the draughts and cold coming through.

There is also the option to upgrade the glazing. Some prefer a simple solution of 6.4mm laminate. this improves U-Value and makes the doors more safe. A recommended upgrade if you have children. It will stop any major accidents as well as improve security. Double glazing is also an option, the timber frame needs cutting deeper to allow for this unit. Then an external timber glazing bead can be applied to leave an excellent, modern finish.

Once rehung, to complete the French door refurbishment, we will undercoat, and then gloss. It is highly recommended that you use a high quality paint such as Dulux Weathershield. It might be the difference between painting again in three years, or as much as seven! The paint really is that much better than cheaper alternatives.

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