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How do you find a reliable London building contractor?

London building contractor

How do you find a reliable London building contractor?

Finding a London building contractor is never easy. There are so many variables to consider I could probably write a whole wikipedia article on the matter but instead I shall discuss the five most important ways to find a reliable London building contractor.

Get a recommend from a friend.

There is no better way of getting a London building contractor of high quality than a friend who has already had work done. If at all possible or you’ve a large network of friends or acquaintances then try to find someone not only that’s had work done, but also very closely matched to the work that your intending on doing, for example if you want sash window repairs, ensure that you find a sash window specialist, not a carpentry company, they might well be related but sash windows are extremely specialist and therefore a general carpenter might not be as suitable for example I previously touched on subsidence and the effect on your sash windows. There is no way that a general carpenter could provide the same level of expertise and knowledge. If you can inspect the work they’ve already done then you know what to expect, the builder knows what you’re expecting, and it’s going to be a very straight forward process of quality assurance. If there’s something you are not quite happy with then you simply reference the work that you’ve already seen. It’s also a great way to gauge the reasonability of your expectations, because in the same way you can be fair about the work done and see if it matches or is better than the quality you’ve already seen.

Ask for references.

If you haven’t already got a friend for a referral the next best thing is to ask for references. Genuine references on large value purchases such as this are impossible to fake, you know what you’re getting yourself into if you visit a previous customers property. This method has the added benefit that you don’t need to drag your friends into any potential dispute later down the line with the builder if there is a disagreement over spec or the standard. Whilst you can trust the option of your friend or family more, it does leave an awkward position if they left the builder on great terms but you didn’t.

Get three quotes.

It doesn’t matter how silky smooth your first building contractor tongue is, you absolutely must get three quotes. This ensure that you have an understanding of pricing and you’ll identify weaknesses in terms of overpricing and equally importantly under pricing. It’s important to understand that you’ll normally get what you pay for and if the price is cheap it doesn’t mean the work will be any better. This is where a recommend really pays off. If you know the standard and the price is good, you can go for a lower price safe in the knowledge of your expectancy. You should still get three quotes however just to gain more understanding.

Ask questions.

When you get the builder round do not be concerned to ask difficult questions. You might well be about to spend £100,000 on an extension and selecting the best man for the job is critical. You can’t do that if your not entirely sure about what you’re getting for your money. If you believe there is loose ends in the quote, or the overall finish, make sure you thrash out the details prior to engaging the contractor.

Make a contract.

The safest way to work with a builder is to have a contract signed and payment schedule in place. Any quality builder will want this to protect himself from you as much as the other way round. This should leave you feeling comfortable in the knowledge that the maximum loss you may experience is one payment, although by the second payment the amount of upfront work should already be caught up. If you’re in any doubt then why not contact this London building contractors who specialises in free no obligation quotes for all building work.

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